Saturday, 8 August 2009

Learning Your Site With Statistics

At this moment we need to use all the relevant tools to help us improve our website/blog. The tool that's important to help you know your site well is statistics.

Have you ever recorded statistics at your site? Have you ever analyzed the amount that you got from the statistic? If you rarely to do it, please do it now for your maximize advantage.

Today I will explain why statistic is important. The reasons are statistic can help you to analyze your website/blog, where you should improve to get more traffic. The statistic will be include a lot of information about the amount, how many visitor today, how many unique IP, how many return visitor to your site and etc. The above is part of the function in statistic tool. To help you generate idea how statistic is important I'll show you how to analyze some function as below; (The function as below base on


Meaning: This function will show the summary of total page loads, unique visitors and returning visitors. You can see the detail by daily, weekly, monthly and etc.

Analysis: You'll know the total visitors and use this amount to analyze that which date, week, month that have most visitors. You will have question that why this month have a lot of visitors and why last month not much for visitors. It might be you join some link exchange, advertising, drive traffic by backlinks, social network and etc.

Popular Pages

Meaning: This function very useful. The most pages that visitors come to visit.

Analysis: You can use this function to analyze your popular pages which one is popular then you will know your purpose of the visitors why they click lots of that pages. It'll help you generate your idea to write the relevant contents.

Recent Keyword Activity

Meaning: The keyword that your visitors use to find your site. It might search from google, yahoo or other search engine.

Analysis: If the stats told you that most of the visitors use keyword "Make Money" to come to your site, you should add more topic that include word "Make Money" on your topic and behind the URL. It'll make more chance to let search engine find your site.


Meaning: If you do have PDF, pictures or Excel file, this stat can tell you the number of times these downloads are being clicked.

Analysis: You can use this function to maximize your affiliate program that you have download for visitors. You'll know when and how many time that they download. It might be they like that program. You'll generate idea to find more and let them download it.

Return Visitors

Meaning: This function extract the total number of unique visitors present in it. From this info can show you how often visitors return to see your website again and again.

Analysis: I really like return visitors function, it shows you how your contents/website/blog is good. If you don't have much in visitors please try to do something new, unique, look attractive for your visitors and etc.

Recent Visitors Activity

Meaning: The visitor stats are superb for showing you up to the second the latest visitor activity on your website. It displays and lists in great detail the most recent visitors to your website.

Analysis: You can use this function to analyze your visitors, it's specific to the deep detail for each visitors. I also like this function. Every time when I check the statistic, I will come to check this function first. You'll know well in your visitors. What they were liked and which pages that they were visited. You can apply this result to improve that page or next post.

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