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How to Generate Free Traffic to Your Website - 3 Powerful Tips For Magnetic Traffic Building

Are you wondering how to generate free traffic to your website?

You can have a great website with awesome flash players, cool designs and widgets, but it would mean nothing if you have no traffic coming in. It is in fact the single thing that everyone struggle for and wish for so badly. It can make or break businesses and single-handedly determine if you are have your cash registers ringing or if you are broke.

In this article, I will talk about 3 easy yet powerful tips to attract a boatload of free traffic to your websites.

1. Give Away Stuff: One of the most powerful techniques to attract a lot of traffic to your website or salespage is to give away stuff for free. Needless to say, your "free" offer should be valuable and should be of great value for your target audience. And this free stuff need not be physical products, but can be simple information reports- a pdf, an interview with an expert, a Camatasis video, a teleseminar etc.

By giving away something of value, you will create a viral buzz where the people who get your product for free will start promoting the product for you. Having said that your free product should be extremely good to create that buzz

2. Social Media Marketing: You can tap into numerous free social media marketing channels to generate free traffic to your website. Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Quizilla, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Myspace can be great sources of free traffic to your website.

Again, you need to position yourself in such a way that you come across someone who would give "value" to your community. You can easily abuse these channels and earn a bad reputation for yourself.

3. Contest: Another popular method of attracting free traffic to your sites would be to have a contest. These contests could be either on the 'Best Question Asked' or 'The Best Comment.' You can be creative to make these contests fun and popular.

Autopilot Website Traffic - 3 Surefire Ways to Attract a Lot of Unlimited Traffic to Your Website

I am sure you have heard of many types of website traffic - free website traffic, paid website traffic, arbitrage website traffic, but what about autopilot website traffic?

Autopilot is when you set up the system once and then pretty much walk away leaving the system to work on its own to bring in the money for you. Sound's like every man's dream, doesn't it?

However it is something that you can do as well provided you set the process correctly.

1. Nobody to Somebody: Say, you are a nobody and have no clue how to attract traffic to your website. The best way to get started is to give away stuff for free. It could be a information report, an audio, a video, a teleseminar, an interview with an expert etc.

This free product should be so good and value to your target audience that they should start spreading the word about you. And if you are wondering, how do I find such content to give away for free, here is a simple solution.

Go to sites like Digg, Yahoo Buzz, Stumble Upon, Propeller and see the kind of content that has the most number of votes. See if you can work on a similar topic and better it even further to create that buzz.

2. Create Your Own Product: Now if you have a boatload of traffic coming to your website, you can monetize it by creating your own product and sell them. Now to further increase the traffic, you can enroll in an affiliate network like Clickbank and offer a healthy affiliate commission rate for them to start promoting your products and driving traffic to your website.

3. Joint Ventures: You can team up with the established players in your market and offer your product at a reduced price to build a larger list of customers and attract even more traffic.

Remember to generate autopilot website traffic, you have to create a top notch product that does all the hard work on your behalf.

Free Website Traffic Checklist

Website Traffic Check List

Have you ever thought about the benefit you would gain by doing a Website Traffic Check List, with a little bit of planning you will be able to drive more customers to your website that will convert easily to sales. I have put together a Website traffic check list for you to follow in order to increase the traffic to your Website.

These methods I can guarantee to work for you as they have worked for me however, you must follow have the discipline to follow these methods consistently. This doesn't mean you work hard one day and then bother to work for the next couple of days. Everyday must set aside an amount of time each day to dedicate to advertising your Website, even if it's only 30 minutes. The discipline is in doing this regularly and make it a habit. Follow the below check list, and you will notice such a huge difference in the numbers of unique visitors you get to your Website.

Advertise on YouTube

These following statics will surprise you: YouTube has over 70 million unique visitors per month. Already can you see the impact on your business by just creating a video and uploading it to YouTube? One of the keys to a successful video is to create something interesting, something that viewers can watch for entertainment or to learn from.

At this moment, the United States economy is in bad shape, and many people are out of a job. Unemployment rates are rising as the days go on. Now would be an excellent time to offer something to these people who are looking for a job, such as affiliate start-up information, products or services that can save them money, or by using the right resources that will direct these people in the right direction your Website. Did you know that YouTube is the 6th largest community on the Internet? To not advertise on YouTube would be devastating!

Article Marketing

If you think article marketing is old hat can I tell you now that it is one of the top ways to drive traffic to your Website. Just like an artist writes a song and benefits from it forever. You can write an article and benefit from it forever. The key is to write new unique articles on a subject that is relevant to your Website's content, and include a bio at the end of every article with your information and Website address. This is like your footprint left at the bottom of the page and very important because when someone reads your article and finds it to be interesting, they will want to know more about you and what you can offer them, and they will click on the link to your Website. I started writing articles for my home business back in 2003, and six years later, traffic is still coming to my website from those very early articles. If there is one word of advice to you my friend, it would be to keep writing!

Links, Links, the more the merrier bring on the Links!

Don't ever underestimate the power that Linking can bring to your site, it is extremely powerful when it comes to getting traffic, and of course, the kick back is a nice ranking in the search engines. What you want to do is get the link to your Website on high ranking Websites without having to link back. How do you do this?

Use methods such as article marketing, social bookmarking, blogs and press releases. Another tip is that you could either write an ebook or outsource to have the article written for you. When you write the e-book you put in all of your links to your affiliate products and your Website in the e-book, and then offer it for free in exchange for a link to your Website.

So there you now have your Website Traffic Checklist! Monitor your traffic often so that you know which methods are working best for you. By following the above techniques, your traffic will double, if not more, within 30 days.

Jenny H Jordan has been successful in driving website traffic by giving her many hints and tips that she shares on her website.

Please use this article free of charge, as long as it remains unchanged and a reference is given to the author and you agree to give a link back to

Learning Your Site With Statistics

At this moment we need to use all the relevant tools to help us improve our website/blog. The tool that's important to help you know your site well is statistics.

Have you ever recorded statistics at your site? Have you ever analyzed the amount that you got from the statistic? If you rarely to do it, please do it now for your maximize advantage.

Today I will explain why statistic is important. The reasons are statistic can help you to analyze your website/blog, where you should improve to get more traffic. The statistic will be include a lot of information about the amount, how many visitor today, how many unique IP, how many return visitor to your site and etc. The above is part of the function in statistic tool. To help you generate idea how statistic is important I'll show you how to analyze some function as below; (The function as below base on


Meaning: This function will show the summary of total page loads, unique visitors and returning visitors. You can see the detail by daily, weekly, monthly and etc.

Analysis: You'll know the total visitors and use this amount to analyze that which date, week, month that have most visitors. You will have question that why this month have a lot of visitors and why last month not much for visitors. It might be you join some link exchange, advertising, drive traffic by backlinks, social network and etc.

Popular Pages

Meaning: This function very useful. The most pages that visitors come to visit.

Analysis: You can use this function to analyze your popular pages which one is popular then you will know your purpose of the visitors why they click lots of that pages. It'll help you generate your idea to write the relevant contents.

Recent Keyword Activity

Meaning: The keyword that your visitors use to find your site. It might search from google, yahoo or other search engine.

Analysis: If the stats told you that most of the visitors use keyword "Make Money" to come to your site, you should add more topic that include word "Make Money" on your topic and behind the URL. It'll make more chance to let search engine find your site.


Meaning: If you do have PDF, pictures or Excel file, this stat can tell you the number of times these downloads are being clicked.

Analysis: You can use this function to maximize your affiliate program that you have download for visitors. You'll know when and how many time that they download. It might be they like that program. You'll generate idea to find more and let them download it.

Return Visitors

Meaning: This function extract the total number of unique visitors present in it. From this info can show you how often visitors return to see your website again and again.

Analysis: I really like return visitors function, it shows you how your contents/website/blog is good. If you don't have much in visitors please try to do something new, unique, look attractive for your visitors and etc.

Recent Visitors Activity

Meaning: The visitor stats are superb for showing you up to the second the latest visitor activity on your website. It displays and lists in great detail the most recent visitors to your website.

Analysis: You can use this function to analyze your visitors, it's specific to the deep detail for each visitors. I also like this function. Every time when I check the statistic, I will come to check this function first. You'll know well in your visitors. What they were liked and which pages that they were visited. You can apply this result to improve that page or next post.

How to Get Free Website Advertising

Traffic is the most wanted thing in online business. Once you launched your site you have to optimize and advertising it to achieve a maximal result. There are many ways to advertise a website, some are paid and others are free. I usually use the free website advertising methods to advertise my site. And its work.

Now I will share some useful methods in free website advertising that work for me.

1. Collecting more back links to your site by commenting in other related blogs. Leave a useful comment for the author or other readers. Search engine not only count the number of your back links but also the quality. Commenting in a high PR do follow blogs will give you a quality one. So, start your search to find high PR so follow blogs and start your free website advertising.

2. Be a member of some online forums that related to your niche. Take your time as a regular contributor to grow up your credibility and known as an expert in your niche. You can find more information from other members and get your advertising through your site URL in your signature, if you are an active member.

3. Offer a freebies such as e-book which contain some information regarding your niche. Take your consistent campaign by including your URL in it.

4. Provide a subscription form for your news letter. Collect your subscriber email to take the advantage of email marketing method.

5. Article submission is other proven way in free website advertising. Share your knowledge through your article and submit them to article directory site.

6. You can register as a free member in some of B2B website if you sell a product. Take the advantage of free website advertising from them. Upload your product and leave your URL as a back link to your site.

How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website For Free - 3 Easy Ways to Attract Traffic

Are you wondering how to drive more traffic to your website for free?

It is after all the single most important factor that every website owner yearns for. No wonder there are thousands of SEO firms earning millions of dollars because they "claim" to know the secret methods. But as complex as people make it to be, you can drive a lot of traffic to your website for free right now.

In this article, I will show you 3 easy yet powerful ways to generate a lot of traffic to your website.

1. Video Marketing: I am sure that you have heard of YouTube. YouTube is a fantastic website that you can tap into to get a lot of traffic to your website. There are some videos that attract as many as hundred thousand visitors every day. That's right, a hundred thousand. Agreed these videos are usually very funny and maybe "worthless" traffic, but not always.

If you are smart enough, you can make a funny video that can go viral and yet tap into your niche. If you are not into funny stuff, you can also make a video that teaches the people something. Here are a few examples

a. How to lose your belly fat

b. How to attract women

c. How to get rid of acne

2. Widgets: How about developing a widget that could go viral? Just do a Google on widgets and you will be surprised to see how many widgets come up and how some widgets have gone viral. Pregnancy widgets for example are hugely popular. Some other widgets that are greatly viral are weather widgets, calendar widgets etc. So depending on your target audience, you may have a great chance to develop a widget that would be highly useful to your niche.

3. Move the Free Line: Think about the ways you can package the information that you have into reports, audios and videos and give them away for free. Your free give away product would do the marketing for you provided you put in that extra time and effort to research your niche and find out exactly what they want.

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